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Using this website
This website, https://www.ripplex.com/ ("the website"), is operated by Ripplex Inc. ("the company"). Please read and understand the following terms before making use of the website. Further, the company reserves the right to change the terms of use of the website at any time without notice; please be sure to check the latest terms.

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    Matters pertaining to future outlook

    Information pertaining to the future outlook of the company, such as performance, etc., may be displayed on the website. This information carries a certain amount of risk and uncertainty, and may not match actual results, depending on changing economic and market factors.

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    The copyright of content displayed on the website (information, trademarks, designs, etc.) is held by the company.

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    The company will not be held responsible for any trouble, loss, or damages incurred as a result of any actions taken or decisions made based on information displayed on the website. The company may suspend or cease offering the website or change its content at any time, and will not be held responsible for any trouble, loss, or damages incurred as a result.

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    Cookies are a technology by which, upon accessing the website, a certain amount of text data (information) is stored on the user's device via the web browser, for the purpose of identifying the user upon his or her next visit to the website. The company aims to offer its services securely and to provide appropriate information to its users.

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    Other websites

    The website may contain links and banners by which users may visit other companies' websites. Sites visited in this manner are not operated by the company. Thus, the company cannot be held responsible for the content of those sites.

If there is a difference between the translated version of these terms and the Japanese version, the Japanese version will be held to be correct.

Last revised: April 15, 2014